Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marine safety investigation report: loss of containers from Pacific Adventurer off Cape Moreton

Source: Australian Transport Safety Bureau
"One focus of the Aust Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) probe into the March 11 oil spill from the container ship Pacific Adventurer in Qld waters will be the adequacy of the loading and lashing of containers that broke free in heavy seas and punctured the vessel's fuel tanks. In a preliminary report, ATSB said it took less than a minute for 31 of 50 containers containing ammonium nitrate to fall overboard as the ship rolled up to 45° in 5m-8m waves caused by former tropical Cyclone Hamish. ATSB said its probe would cover the adequacy and condition of the container-lashing equipment, the condition and stability of the Pacific Adventurer, the actions of its crew, and safety management and risk assessment systems."