Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forests NSW Riverina environmental impact statement

Source: NSW DPI
"An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Forests NSW’s operations in the state’s south-west has found there is unlikely to be a significant impact on most threatened species, or endangered ecological communities or their habitats. The EIS assesses Forests NSW’s timber harvesting and associated road works in south-western NSW, an area that includes both red gum forests and white cypress forests. The assessment considers matters associated with timber harvesting and related roadworks such as sustainable timber supply, flora and fauna, air quality, noise, cultural heritage, water quality, traffic and transport, and socioeconomic impacts. However, the EIS has been met with criticism by the National Parks Association of NSW, with spokesperson, Georgina Woods, saying the EIS “has utterly failed to provide a proper assessment of the environmental impacts of logging”. The National Parks Association says the EIS fails to address the impact of logging on nationally significant wetlands, and undertakes almost no surveys for threatened species."