Thursday, March 5, 2009

Land cover change in Queensland 2006-07 report

Source: Dept. of Natural Resources and Water
"New figures released by the Queensland Government show the rate of tree clearing in the state fell by 37% in the six months following the introduction of a ban on broadscale tree clearing in December 2006. The Statewide Landcover and Trees Study shows a 140,000 hectare reduction in overall clearing from 375,000 hectares in 2005-2006 to 235,000 hectares in 2006-2007, when the ban applied for only the second half of the financial year. The figures are the first of their kind released by the State Government since the ban was introduced. The report also shows greenhouse gas emissions were down from 41.24 megatonnes in 2005-2006 to 31.55 megatonnes in 2006-2007. However, the data shows more than 100,000 hectares of regrowth was cleared in the year with twice as much of this occurring on freehold as is occurring on leasehold land."