Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Climate change impacts on Clarence coastal areas

source: Clarence City Council (Tas.)
A report assessing the impacts of climate change on Tasmania’s Clarence City Council, and ways to adapt to and mitigate these impacts, could serve as a model for other councils. The report is one of five major studies that are being undertaken as part of a national initiative coordinated by the Federal Department of Climate Change that aims to help local governments identify and respond to the risks associated with the predicted effects of climate change. The report provides a preliminary assessment of the climate change-associated risks to coastal areas at 18 coastal locations in Clarence at the present time, at 2050 and in 2100. The report then makes a number of recommendations of actions the council could take to adapt to and mitigate the potential risks of impacts such as sea-level rise, storm surges, erosion and coastal inundation."